Friday, January 2, 2009


So, here it is....January and I still haven't uploaded pictures of Christmas.  It's still pretty hectic around here.  I think that we had a great Christmas.  The kids got a ton of stuff.  Seth was really into Santa Clause this year.  We had Christmas Eve at Bill's Mamaw's which is a night filled with excitement for the kids.  We eat (of course...we are Southern right?), then the fun begins for the kids.  Aunt Sherri reads the story of Christmas to the kids and they place the people in the nativity scene as she reads, Aunt Shauna helps them decorate their gingerbread cookies for Santa, and then there is a birthday cake for baby Jesus.  We all sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and the kids blow out the candles.  Then the BIG deal happens....the front doorbell rings, the kids go see who it is,  and it is SANTA!!!  He has a big bag of presents for all the kids who still believe!  It is so much fun!
I have uploaded pictures of all of this.  Santa did come during the night as well!  He ate his cookie, the reindeer ate their food that we left out, and he left a ton of presents.  Seth said, "I cannot believe I was this good, Mom!"  It was a great time....the best Christmas I've had in a long time.  Avery was sick on Christmas Eve, so she didn't get to go.  Mama stayed at home with her so that I could go see Seth do all of the Christmas Eve things.  
I will add pictures of her on my next post.
I hope all of you had a great Christmas!  Maybe soon, we will all be able to get together!  Love you!

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