Monday, April 13, 2009


The Easter Bunny made his stop again this year.  He left the usual dollar tree toys and candy.  The other thing he gave the kids was a real bunny named Sparky.  He arrived a few days early.  Seth, Avery, and I went to get him from the farm supply while they still had a pretty good selection.  Seth's Aunt B. called me and told me that they had some so we hopped into the Jeep and headed out on our way.  Seth (being ever observant) said, "Hey, I thought the Easter Bunny was bringing me a bunny."  So, being the quick witted mom that I am...I said, "Well, yes.  He is part of your present, but Aunt B. called the Easter Bunny and told him that you shouldn't have to wait until Sunday, couldn't he please tell us where to get one."  So, the Easter Bunny told Aunt B where we could get one and she told me.  Seth said, "Wow, Aunt B must love me a lot because I know that was expensive."  ???I think...what????  So, I said, "What?"  He said, "I bet calling the Easter Bunny was expensive because I know HE isn't in OUR network."  !!!!!!!  I almost wrecked laughing at him. case you wondered, the Easter Bunny isn't an At&T customer.  The kids both love their bunny and he is being a very nice bunny.  He is using a litter box, if you can believe that.  

Mama and David were here for the weekend and Jim came and ate lunch with all of us.  Mama cooked a big dinner...ham, turkey, dressing...the works.  Then we hid the eggs.     The kids had the best time.  So much fun in fact, that we had to hide the eggs three more times.  Seth hid them the last time and we still have an egg missing.  Mama and David left around 2:00 and Avery fell asleep eating chocolate.  It was a great day!

Our First T-ball game...

Saturday was Seth's first ball game.  So, we loaded up and drove the grueling 10 minutes to the baseball field and froze to death the entire time.  Avery was bundled up and all she kept saying was ," It's cold out here.  I wanna go inside, okay?"  Each team hit twice.  The first time Seth was up to bat he hit a pretty solid grounder between third and second, and then threw his bat down and took off running to third.  The second time he was up to bat...he hit it straight past second base.  It hit the ground right after second base.  He hit a homer!  We were so very proud of him.  Even the coach for the other team came up to us after the game and told us what a good job he did and told Seth he was "quite the slugger."  If you notice in some of the pictures you can see Bill in the background.  He is now "Coach Bill."  How sweet is that?  After the game, Seth told us that he would give all of us his autograph if we wanted it.  All of his games from here on out are on Friday nights at either 6:00 or 7:00 depending on the night.  He plays until June.  Maybe ya'll can make one.  It's really funny...three and four year olds.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


It snowed last night and into this morning.  We had a great time with it.  We made a snow man, had a snowball fight, and I even made snow cream for the kids  

Bill's New Ride.....

Bill finally got his car!  We drove to Birmingham to pick it up Thursday.  It's a 2003 Ford Mustang, Mach 1.  He is so proud of it and is so excited.  For the first time, we agree on a car.  It definitely is a nice car!  

Friday, January 30, 2009

Just more pictures

Our House

Here are a couple of pictures of the house.  Our grass didn't come up.  We will have to plant again.  There is a picture of the kids bathroom, and the kitchen,living room, dining room from a couple of angles.  Also there are a couple of picture of the countertops in the kitchen.  Bill and I did that ourselves and we are pretty proud of it.  I still have to take pictures of the hall, our bathroom and bedroom, and the kids rooms.  (To be honest...they weren't straightened the day I took the pictures. ) I will do that soon.  I also need to take a picture of the floors.  Bill and I did that too and I did all of the painting.  

Super Seth

So, Seth is a super hero.  Did you know that?  He is a monster fighting, bad guy getting machine.  He has costumes...Super Man, Spider Man, Ninja Fighter, etc.  This is what he chooses to dress up like to fight the "real monsters."  Avery's tiara, sunglasses, and ring.  He looks really tough, right?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sleep over

We had our first sleep over!  Dani, Seth and Avery's first cousin, spent the night with us.  We moved a mattress into the living room and they had a blast.  They played until close to bedtime and then watched Disney movies all night.  They had popcorn, cherrioes, marshmellows, cheese puffs, you name it.  Needless to say, it was 3 am before they all fell asleep.  Too much excitement!  Bill and I heard them playing....Dani said, "Seth, you be Bruce, and I will be Kelly."  long pause...."Avery, you be Oscar."  (Their dog)  Haha!!!!  Oh, and in case any of you wondered how Dani feels about having a little sister,  she's just not sure yet, okay?  HA!


Avery disappeared for about ten minutes.  We could not find her and a I was on the verge of an all out state of panic.  This is where we found her.  She was peeling the labels off of the cans of food.  Needless to say...I have three cans that I have no idea what are.  Completely bare.
Avery is almost 19 months old now.  Since I have been at home with her...I can really see improvements in her speech.  She sings her ABC song. You can't understand every letter but she definatly has the tune down.  She is learning her animals and sounds and has learned about 10 new words.  I am really proud of her.  She is learning her letters and their sounds with Seth.    

Friday, January 2, 2009


For you complete entertainment:

Seth and I were at the hospital the other day having some blood work done(he is fine) and he was sitting there looking around and then said, "Hey Mom!  Can we ride that "aggrivator" over there?"  I, of course, told him that it was called and "elevator" and that the only aggrivator there was probably him.  

Same day, same place....I took his paper work back up to the little old lady at the front desk...Seth leaned over the counter and said, "Hey,  Christmas is over.  You still have your Christmas stuff up...What's the big idea?"

"Mom, you said that Superman wasn't real because real people can fly.  Since Jesus floated up into the sky, does that mean that Superman IS real?"

"Mom, Jesus came back to life, right?  So does that mean I can shoot people now?  You said I couldn't because once your dead, your dead."

(If you couldn't tell, we have been talking about the crucifixion a lot lately.)

"Please call me 'Your Majesty'".  I said, "Why?"  He said, "Didn't you know?  I'm a prince.  My Father is a king."  

"Mom, Avery is being mean....She's just a big ole' MEANIAC."


I thought that I would add a couple of pictures of Ms. Avery.  These were taken the day after Christmas.  It was one of those rare occasions when she was awake and Seth was asleep.  As you can see, he was worn out!  He fell asleep with a sword in his shirt!!  Apparently,  Christmas is hard work!
Avery was playing with Seth's Spiderman costume, playing peekaboo.  I thought it was an opportune time to take some pictures of just her.  She is starting to talk a little better now.  She is actually trying, which is more than she was doing a month ago.  She is up to about ten words that you can really understand.  The doctor said that he wanted to put in speech therapy is she didn't improve and before we got home she was saying different things.  haha!  She must have known.  
She is a mess....oh...and there is also a picture of her in Seth's pirate hat.  She wears it all the time.  Not sure why, but I don't really care why.....
Love you all and will talk to you soon!