Monday, April 13, 2009


The Easter Bunny made his stop again this year.  He left the usual dollar tree toys and candy.  The other thing he gave the kids was a real bunny named Sparky.  He arrived a few days early.  Seth, Avery, and I went to get him from the farm supply while they still had a pretty good selection.  Seth's Aunt B. called me and told me that they had some so we hopped into the Jeep and headed out on our way.  Seth (being ever observant) said, "Hey, I thought the Easter Bunny was bringing me a bunny."  So, being the quick witted mom that I am...I said, "Well, yes.  He is part of your present, but Aunt B. called the Easter Bunny and told him that you shouldn't have to wait until Sunday, couldn't he please tell us where to get one."  So, the Easter Bunny told Aunt B where we could get one and she told me.  Seth said, "Wow, Aunt B must love me a lot because I know that was expensive."  ???I think...what????  So, I said, "What?"  He said, "I bet calling the Easter Bunny was expensive because I know HE isn't in OUR network."  !!!!!!!  I almost wrecked laughing at him. case you wondered, the Easter Bunny isn't an At&T customer.  The kids both love their bunny and he is being a very nice bunny.  He is using a litter box, if you can believe that.  

Mama and David were here for the weekend and Jim came and ate lunch with all of us.  Mama cooked a big dinner...ham, turkey, dressing...the works.  Then we hid the eggs.     The kids had the best time.  So much fun in fact, that we had to hide the eggs three more times.  Seth hid them the last time and we still have an egg missing.  Mama and David left around 2:00 and Avery fell asleep eating chocolate.  It was a great day!

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