Monday, April 13, 2009

Our First T-ball game...

Saturday was Seth's first ball game.  So, we loaded up and drove the grueling 10 minutes to the baseball field and froze to death the entire time.  Avery was bundled up and all she kept saying was ," It's cold out here.  I wanna go inside, okay?"  Each team hit twice.  The first time Seth was up to bat he hit a pretty solid grounder between third and second, and then threw his bat down and took off running to third.  The second time he was up to bat...he hit it straight past second base.  It hit the ground right after second base.  He hit a homer!  We were so very proud of him.  Even the coach for the other team came up to us after the game and told us what a good job he did and told Seth he was "quite the slugger."  If you notice in some of the pictures you can see Bill in the background.  He is now "Coach Bill."  How sweet is that?  After the game, Seth told us that he would give all of us his autograph if we wanted it.  All of his games from here on out are on Friday nights at either 6:00 or 7:00 depending on the night.  He plays until June.  Maybe ya'll can make one.  It's really funny...three and four year olds.

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